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The Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society is a group made up of volunteers, many of whom have children or relatives who are victims or survivors of this disease. Our organization is an advocate for the children who suffer from neuroblastoma and is dedicated to serving as a support center for their families. The primary focus of the organization is to raise money to assist local research in neuroblastoma cancer, and to raise national awareness to focus additional research and funding until a cure can be found.

The mission of the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society is to cure neuroblastoma and its related childhood cancers, as well as to improve the quality of life for patients, survivors, and their families.

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P.O. Box 957672
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

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We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Colonel Stanley R. McNeil Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, for awarding the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) a grant. This incredible gift has allowed NCCS to create this website, along with several other initiatives, that will allow us to provide even more resources and services to neuroblastoma families, patients, and survivors. Thank you!

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